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Clarity on Fees

We believe in full transparency regarding the fees you incur and their rationale.

It's important to recognize that much of the work involved in preparing for our meetings and managing your portfolio occurs discreetly. For instance, a 60-minute session typically entails preliminary research, documentation, and strategy evaluations, all conducted before our interaction with you. Should you ever seek clarification on our fee structures, please don't hesitate to inquire. We're committed to ensuring your understanding and comfort with our processes.

Your Financial Journey

As an independent firm, we take pride in our ability to tailor our approach to suit your individual needs and preferences in wealth management.

For clients seeking a comprehensive financial advisory relationship, inclusive of an annual retirement income analysis, we apply a flat annual fee ranging from $1,000 to $2,500, determined by the complexity of their financial circumstances. Alternatively, for clients with specific investment concerns who do not require a comprehensive plan, we implement a fee structure based on the assets under our management, ranging from 1% to 1.99%.

Our objective is to provide reasonable fees while upholding the highest standards of service and attention.

It's not uncommon for households to have a blend of fee-based and commission-based accounts. As part of our commitment to transparency, we offer initial consultations starting at $350 per hour.  This initial meeting serves as an opportunity for us to jointly assess whether Triumph Wealth Management (TWM) aligns with your needs and to determine the most suitable fee structure for you.

Additional compensation may apply in the form of commissions for purchase of individual stocks, bonds and through service fees (12b-1) for mutual fund transactions. Fees, charges and expenses are detailed in the Cetera Advisors LLC's ADV Part 2A. Designed to give you the flexibility to holistically meet the breadth of client needs, TMW proudly uses My Advice Architect as our advisory platform.


  • Commission-based accounts entail trading costs for each buy/sell transaction.
  • Designed to support a resilient, buy-and-hold investment approach.
  • Characterized by passive management, where trading fees, also referred to as commission fees, are incurred with every buy or sell action.


  • Fee-based accounts involve a wrap fee encompassing buy/sell charges.
  • Tailored to respond promptly to prevailing market conditions.
  • Characterized by active management, wherein the wrap fee, covering trade costs, is calculated based on the assets under our management, ranging from 1% to 1.99%.

Financial Planning

Comprehensive financial planning and continuous guidance, incorporating an annual retirement income analysis.

  • We recommend comprehensive financial planning and ongoing guidance in conjunction with this account type.
  • A flat annual fee, varying from $1,000 to $2,500, determined by the complexity of your financial situation.
  • Payment frequency options include quarterly or semi-annual ACH transactions at no extra charge.
  • Automated email reminders will be sent seven days before your scheduled ACH payment date.


Additional fees may be levied by the broker-dealer, custodian, or third-party manager, including but not limited to:

  • Annual account maintenance fee: A customary practice among custodial companies, typically ranging from $40 to $100 per year.
  • Early policy surrender penalty fee
  • Account transfer or closure fee
  • Paper statement fees (should you opt for electronic delivery, this fee is typically waived)
  • Insufficient funds or returned check fee